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Ted the Clydesdale

An Easter Story

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An Easter story first published in the Rare Breeds Survival Trust Junior  Survivors Club back in 2004 by Sally Ann Oultram. The first signs of spring could be seen in the school field, home of Ted Clydesdale and White Mischief, the Section A Welsh pony, with catkins in the hedgerow and daffodils dancing in the warm breeze.   Ted grazed happily in the meadow, listening to the birds singing at the top of their voices as the sun’s ray felt warm on his back, after the long winter, White Mischief called to Ted to come and join him in the farmyard, it was the start of the Easter holidays and traditionally on Good Friday every child would get a new ball in the county of Cheshire where they lived. Ralph and Sally, the farmers children were playing catch, when...

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Bowden PR to support the Story of Ted website

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I am delighted to announce that Bowden PR will be helping me update The Story of Ted website. Ted and I will share our adventures of Spring 2017. Lots of love and happiness Sally Ted & Joe...

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NFU Countryside Equine Champion of the UK The Story of Ted

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Sally and Ted are delighted to be the NFU Countryside Equine Champion of the UK. The competition is run by the Countryside Magazine and voted for by the readers, you can read more here:  September Equine Champion Countryside Magazine – The Story of Ted      ...

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Sally & Ted are supporting Amy Goodman: the Equine Sculpture of the year 2013

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We will be supporting the campaign to establish the War Horse Sculpture in Romsey Memorial park, to respect all the Horses and Mules and Donkeys that went to war , and never returned. More information can be found on Amy Goodman’s site here You can also find an interesting articles on Amy’s work...

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Vote for Ted & Sally : Countryside

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We are proud to be nominated by Countryside for NFU Countryside Champions for September 2013 Vote for...

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The Author Of The Story Of Ted

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The authors of “The Story of Ted”, Sally Anne and Camilla Oultram, were both born and bred in the heart of the Cheshire countryside. Like Ted, they are both rare breeds, where instinctively compassion, and caring for others, has always been a top priority in both their lives. The bond that has been developed between this remarkable Clydesdale horse and themselves is very strong. The first nineteen months of his life, have been filled with difficult decisions. When the local bank said no, to the funding of “The Story of Ted” book, their house was sold in order to secure the foals future. A Clydesdale can have a life span of over thirty years. The commitment, Sally and Camilla made to Ted, will last a lifetime. The relationships that they have developed between them are very strong. Ted has...

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