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Ted the Clydesdale

An Easter Story

An Easter story first published in the Rare Breeds Survival Trust Junior  Survivors Club back in 2004 by Sally Ann Oultram.

The first signs of spring could be seen in the school field, home of Ted Clydesdale and White Mischief, the Section A Welsh pony, with catkins in the hedgerow and daffodils dancing in the warm breeze.


Ted grazed happily in the meadow, listening to the birds singing at the top of their voices as the sun’s ray felt warm on his back, after the long winter, White Mischief called to Ted to come and join him in the farmyard, it was the start of the Easter holidays and traditionally on Good Friday every child would get a new ball in the county of Cheshire where they lived.

Ralph and Sally, the farmers children were playing catch, when the two friends arrived, his wife Mary called out from the kitchen, “the hot cross buns are ready” and both the two horse were given a delicious bun, the cross on the top made form nib sugar crystals.

Ted shared everything with the pony and the two decided to arrange an Easter egg hunt, with all the animals that lived at Wobb farm, Larry Leicester long wool, Robbie Ryland and Rosie Redpoll were all keen to join in the fun.


Olive Orpington and her chums had laid some fresh eggs and all of the animals led by Ted, went on the Easter egg hunt, the excited laughter could be heard in the farm house.

White Mischief was the first to discover an egg hidden in the barn entrance Ted and Rosie Redpoll went down to the apple orchard, the blossoms hung like garlands from the trees and under the tree seat, Ted found an egg then Rosie decided to venture in to the meadow field and in the sweet new grass there she found two eggs.


Rosie was the winner and all the animals gave the eggs to Ralph and Sally, their mother took them to the kitchen and hard boiled the eggs and the two children painted them as and Easter gift for their  Mother and  Father.

Ted and White Mischief returned to school field, White Mischief said “ Oh Ted it’s wonderful to celebrate Easter with your friends and family” Mischief could see the tear in Ted’s  “ why are you so sad my friend?” Ted replied “I just wish my mother Blossom could have been here to celebrate this special time”

Ted remember what your mum Blossom said at the farm sale “ I will love you wherever you are “ we will find her Ted I promise said little pony and he gave Ted a nuzzle to show him he cared.


Copy write

Sally Ann Oultram

Rare Breeds of the Year Show